Meet Marinda – Marinda

My name is Marinda, I’m a coach, mentor and friend to many network and affiliate marketers and home-based business owners.

Born and raised in Pretoria, South Africa, my father was an accountant and my mother was an administrator. My parents got divorced when I was 13 years old. 

My mom and I have the best relationship imaginable. She is truly the epitome of unconditional love and is my biggest supporter. My mom would literally do anything for me.

My father unfortunately was a rolling stone, resulting in me being in 7 primary schools. He never kept in touch after their divorce and he sadly passed away without really knowing his kids or his grandchildren, leaving me with a void….

A longing...

Moving to a new school almost every year was definitely tough…as an introvert the only way I could cope with the constant change was sport……

I was a very good athlete and very driven, so I knew the minute I could run or play netball I would make friends and the teachers would notice me…that was always my way in….

I always wanted more…..I was a “looker”, always looking for an opportunity to move forward

I graduated from high school and went to university, but I was always doing things to earn extra money. I met my 1st business partner in my second year of university. Two more different people you couldn’t imagine….

but we had one thing in common….

we didn’t want to work for anybody…….

we wanted our own business.

The problem was in South Africa no bank wanted to lend money to two 22 year old females in the health and fitness industry…

Our parents supported our goals and Karen’s dad gave us the money for our first practice and gym (at my high school – the headmaster still keeps in touch and supports us, 25 years later). We repaid that 1st loan in 12 months.

We wanted to expand and asked him for double the money for the next practice and gym, but noticed a home industry that was available literally across the street from the gym. 

That turned out to be one of the best decisions ever, we made more money with the home industry than with the two gyms and practices! (great strategy…..fatten them up and then get them into the gym!!! hahahaha)

Defining moments

Our lives would take a dramatic turn from there when a very large multi-national company noticed us and made us an offer we couldn’t refuse……

A 50% joint venture, with us giving our expertise and time and they funded the project. We decided to sell the other 3 businesses and focus on our new venture. We ran the 1000bm2 gym and practice for 24 years and opened 6 more Biokinetic practices during those years.

We were working very long hours, but were fired up to be able to build something of our own. The time we invested seemed justified, because we were building something for ourselves.

After getting married and later when my son was born I realized I wanted more time and freedom which the 24 hour gym facility didn’t allow us….

I lost my passion for my profession and found myself questioning my decisions and choice of career. My marriage sadly fell apart and I was divorced with a 4 month old son.

In 2014 we sadly lost a patient in the gym one afternoon due to a massive heart attack and I felt the risk just wasn’t worth it anymore. To add insult to injury…​

The GFC hit and people were starting to cancel gym memberships….. Thank God we never had any debt after our initial 2 years of Karen’s dad lending us the money to start (credit to Karen, for painfully at times 😊, managing our money with great care).

I used to wake up in the morning dreading having to go to the office, I felt uninspired and was lacking passion and direction. During those 5 years I was shown network marketing 3 times….

The 3rd time at the age of 36 I saw it again and decided to look into it… It was exciting and I felt challenged, wanting to “win” again, to succeed at something again.

The ride of lifetime was about to start….

I decided to rip off the band aid, I poured all my energy into my new business.

I rolled up my sleeves and got to work. It was exciting but not always easy. It takes guts to build the foundations of a successful network marketing career. Working with mentors while investing in myself and my future, helped me achieve faster than I ever could have done on my own.

Did I have doubts about my ability to perform outside of my profession, to lead a team and build an organization? (I never had the intention to build a small additional income, I always wanted a large team).

I received objections from close friends which made me feel guilty for wanting something different and wanting more time and money. I felt inadequate, alone, unprepared, and to be honest….


I knew I had to change……

It took me 3 months to reach the top of the bonus scale and I took another 15 months to build it bigger and stabilize my business.

I attended leadership training and seminars, learning from the best in our industry. I listened to CD's and read incredible books. Above all, I worked, yes, that ugly 4 letter word, WORK

Thereafter I went into a very dangerous place…complacency… I had a professional income and a good additional income with an overseas incentive trip.

I didn’t build my business bigger in the next 7 years …

yes you read correctly ….. 7 years!

I attended our live functions, because of my team and I love the environment. I’m a true testament that the industry works ….. because I still got paid, still went on amazing trips.

I sold my share in the fitness and rehabilitation center in January 2015 but it felt like I was going through a second divorce, 25 years in partnership is a long time! I am proud to say that after 25 years together in business and 3 years apart, we still have frequent contact and we are still connected.

I started a new business working with kids with concentration and focus challenges. Going from successful entrepreneur and a successful partnership to working from home – the first 3 months was great, I was so grateful, but slowly I started to feel lost.

Don't get me wrong, I was grateful to work from home and have all the flexibility with the kids, but I knew that I was lacking stimulation.

I felt like I had lost the part of myself that knew how to win and be successful again, I missed the challenges. I missed my partner, our staff and the patients.

I slowly started to build my network again, using only old school methods.

I lost my mojo ....

My team started to grow again, I helped and coached an out of town leader to build to the top of the bonus scale within 3 months. What does that mean? A recipe is a recipe, it only needs someone to follow it….

6 Months later the leader decided to quit the industry and I was faced with that reality and I started to question the price I paid away from my family, the time invested etc. The “fire in my belly“ from 10+ years ago wasn’t there to rebuild it. I was looking at other ways to build my business ….. I was a “looker” remember?

I found attraction marketing, a system for generating qualified leads and building your team online. What?! Is that even possible?? For me not being a Facebook guru?

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The truth is this profession is NOT what it was 10+ years ago. The door to door / only belly to belly works, days are over as we leverage social media, gain visibility and build true, long lasting relationships.

Did I have to build my confidence online, stretch my mindset and learn new skills? You bet! Was it overwhelming and scary sometimes? Did I ask myself, Marinda, what the heck are you doing?! YES, I did, so if you are feeling the exact same feelings ….. welcome … you’re normal!!!

Was my excitement and plans met with some negativity and questioning? YES!

Did I learn a very valuable lesson?  Yes, although I was upfront and honest and made my intentions clear, I was still judged, I was still alone, no one wanted to do something else, challenge the status quo. So, I decided to get to work and as we speak I’m busy building my online recruiting funnels and am mentored by some of the industry greats!  

Am I grateful?  You bet ya! I’m actually enjoying the process again, the fire in me is back!

Investing in a mentorship is still today a very big part of my life. I wouldn’t dare offer training and coaching without being accountable and still have coaching myself. 

You and I need positive influences in our corner, helping us push past the boundaries we’ve set for ourselves and facing the doubts that plague us.

You only have control over your internal world ... that is what you need to focus on. When you focus on what's going on inside you - success will follow ... no matter who you are.

I'm proud to say that I’m finally busy creating the perfect life/work balance that I had always dreamed of since I first started my own businesses at age 22.  I always said that I want 10 streams of income…… I’m excited to build my 6 income streams bigger and adding 4 more!

On top of all that, I'm able to run both my businesses from home. The best part is I’m in control of my diary and kids’ schedules. I can still engage with entrepreneurs and have the stimulation to add value and build my business bigger.

You want to know what fires me up even more? For the first time I can honestly say my business is scale-able and I can see an international business, I can play a bigger game, I can serve more people, I can be significant …. I can make a difference ….. I can help YOU win and in doing so, I can also win again.

As your coach, I'll teach you everything that I've learned on my 11 year journey, offline (old traditional way) as well as my recent shift to embrace online strategies (new, current, 20th century way of building!). You will save yourself years of frustration, trying to figure out exactly what you need to do to make it in this great industry of ours.

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If I can do it, so can you!

The only way to fail is to quit. Let me, as your coach, be the accountability partner you need to make this year your best year EVER!

There is a life out there that's waiting for you to stop stressing and start living. Whether you dream of having more time to travel, funding a charity organization, being a stay-at-home parent, building a house, or paying off your children's college education - you have the power to make it happen.

It's time to stop living in lack and start living in abundance.


Some of my favorite books:

  • Personality plus - Florence Littauer
  • Go For No - Richard Fenton and Andrea Waltz
  • The elephant in the room – Ed Baker
  • Little voice mastery – Blair Singer
  • Anatomy of peace – The Arbinger Institute
  • The slight edge – Jeff Olson

To learn more about the system that I am currently using, be sure to follow my fan page ( I'd love to connect with you and show you how I am building my business.

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Some fun facts about me...

I love to cook and entertain. I make a mean leg of lamb with veggies and baked potatoes

I LOVE music – everything except heavy metal and opera – PLEASE.

I enjoy the occasional glass of red wine (merlot)

Traveling is a hot button. We enjoy an overseas trip annually and love to explore South Africa, camping where ever there are horses, fishing and the dogs can go with! (Marli and Heinrich’s favorites)

My team is my second family …. LOVE them LOTS!

I breed with miniature Maltese and Schnauzers – an absolute abiding passion!

I LOVE watching other people succeed! I always root for the underdog ….

My favorite food is my mom’s oxtail or Indian food (I worked in India for 4 months).

My favorite food is my mom’s oxtail, leg of lamb or Indian food (I worked in India for 4 months).

My 2 favorite quotes are “Don’t wish it was easy, wish you were better” and “Always leave room for miracles”

I’m a keen golfer, with a handicap of 12.

My priorities are faith, family, business!