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Coaching with Marinda

I’m thrilled you've expressed your interest in working with me. Are you ready to step up and claim the success you and your family deserves? Are you serious about making more money and creating your freedom lifestyle?

Success mentoring is what will take your business to the next level.

The road to success can sometimes be very challenging, especially on your own. I know because my own success didn’t come without its fair share of struggles, mistakes, doubts and setbacks...

I tried finding success in the conventional rat race that left me feeling disillusioned with the time and money options of my career. I thought that having more practices and being busier would solve the problem, but it only left me stressed and starved for time.

When I discovered the world of network marketing and coaching things really started to pick up for me.

I had some success very early on in this new profession, but wasn’t quite prepared for other peoples’ opinions of my decision. I did experience doubts along my journey... for sure!

I wondered if people would follow me, I felt like I had to re-invent myself. People closest to me were the most resistant which made me feel unsure of myself, inadequate in my leadership, unprepared to juggle a practice, kids and my new business.

Fernando Loiza

Network Marketing Professional and Coach, Australia

Whit Higham

Network Marketing Professional and Traffic Coach, USA Utah

When I met my coach, that's when everything changed.

She plugged me into a system that she successfully used to buy her freedom from corporate in 24 months. She offered me counsel, motivation and encouragement.

I knew that in order to succeed, I needed help and guidance, someone who has done it before, not theory but hard earned experience.

She knew that I needed to see results quickly and she made sure to always tell me that everything is possible if I was prepared to put in the work to back it up.

I listened to audios daily, read amazing books and joined my own mentoring program with 6, 7 and 8 figure coaches.

Above all, I WORKED. I gained the experience necessary to excel in my business and be a mentor to others out there struggling to make it happen. 

My approach will not only help you accomplish BIG things in the networking world, but it will also enhance your traditional career. I'm in your corner, you simply CAN’T give up on your dreams….

It’s not part of my options!

Can you read books and listen to audios and attend seminars on your own or with your spouse? Of course, but do you have the time and the know how to put everything together in a process that works….


When you start out on your own network/affiliate/home business, you're going to feel like some strategies work and some just don't. As your coach, I will help you to reevaluate your business and tweak strategies where necessary - setting you up for success right from the beginning.

Together we will:

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    ​Develop a game plan that works for you.
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    ​Establish strategies for your business and learn how to grow it FAST!
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    ​Eliminate any mindset problems, areas of doubt, and limiting beliefs.
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    ​Set you up to scale your business to 5-figure months and beyond.
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    ​Hold you accountable for your daily, weekly and monthly activity and results
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    Assist you with your marketing/brand strategy to grow your Face book online presence and grow a loyal following

I’ve done leadership seminars; qualified for trips through my company every year, became a 6 figure income earner within my first 15 months. I have 11 years offline experience and added online skills to it over the past 12 months. Tools to assist YOU to have success, whether you work online or offline!

James Yates

Founder of the re-ignite network and online network marketing coach

Cari Higham

Network Marketing Professional and Coach, USA Utah

Coaching with me is only a fit when….

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    You're willing to work hard and invest 10+ hours a week into your business.
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    You’re willing to move out of your comfort zone.
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    You're dedicated, ambitious, and willing to learn.
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    You’re willing to take instruction and be accountable daily, weekly and for the duration of your coaching
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    You truly believe that you can achieve anything.
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    You're willing to invest in your education and personal development.

If you have never scheduled a consultation with me before, it's my free gift to you!

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Karin Visser

Owner of Biolink, South Africa

Brandy Shaver

Network Marketing Professional and Traffic Coach , USA Utah