Blending Offline and Online Network Marketing to Create Even Faster Results – Marinda

Blending Offline and Online Network Marketing to Create Even Faster Results

Network marketers in both corners are constantly arguing their point, “our way is the best”.  Listening to either “corner” in isolation convinces you of the fact that they are indeed right….until the other corner pleads their case! 😊

It creates frustration!

It creates confusion!

Who’s right? What should I do? And then of course THE question…

What will my upline and company say?

You were convinced that you were of a sound mind until you entered the network marketing industry! Now you’re not so sure…one minute up, to find yourself in the pits of depression 24 hours later!

Take a deep breath…….stop rocking in a corner with your 2nd muffin, chanting, I can do this, I’m a winner….

There are still so many similarities between old and new school, it’s actually funny.  Well…….. almost funny, if you’re in the trenches and spinning your wheels without results!!

I’ve got you covered!!

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Let’s simplify the dispute once and for all.

 In both cases you will have to master the 5 basics of network marketing.

  • check
    Leads (please stop harassing your friends and family, your grandmother of 95 doesn’t need a 2nd set of flying lessons or 3rd air purifier)
  • check
  • check
    Show the plan
  • check
    Closing/follow up
  • check

You will definitely still need to connect and build relationships with people, yes, you still need to talk to them!  People are not robots!

So, let’s just unpack two of the points – leads and show your opportunity (I’ll cover the other three in another blog). 

Leadswhat are the differences between getting leads online vs beating your downline over the head for a list of a 100?

Without a list/leads, you have NO business, but what I’m challenging is the WAY we get the list/leads and the quality on that list.

When you sit down with a new team member and you do their list of a 100 people, do you know who of the 100 will be open to network marketing?  Or do you just tell them “let’s write down everyone you know, have you ever heard or even used the phrase…..

“every idiot has a diamond on their list”

Hahaha! Yeah right! (not sure about you, but I definitely don’t want to talk/be in business with “idiots”)

People are VERY reluctant and resistant to initially give their GOOD contacts, so you end up working through all the people who are……. let’s just say, “not suitable” for your business! 😊 What a waste of time, money and energy?! 

Have you gone to the mall to do some shopping only to forget half of the list because you were SO stressed to be in piranha mode the whole time?

Ever been on a flight, palms sweating and it’s not because of a rocky take off, but because you are waiting, just waiting for the perfect second to “get” the poor person next to you?

Wouldn’t it make more sense to speak to people who reach out to YOU and who are open to network marketing/opportunities and who are “looking”, looking for YOU!? People who are entrepreneurs or who is willing to work hard and become one.

What if I could show you a 3 step process to get good pre-qualified leads into your inbox? People who are actually waiting for your call, eager to hear what you have?

WOW!!  Can you spot the difference?

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No more dealing with hostile friends and family members.

No more rejection by strangers in whatever strange way you find yourself prospecting.

Your closing ratio will be way better when you speak to people who are open to what it is you want to show them.

Whether you build on or offline you’re still going to hear “no.”

That’s just a fact—it’s still a number’s game.

But, it’s also true that “no” can simply mean it’s not the right time and “no” in the online world might mean no to join your team or buy your product, BUT it could also mean that they want to know how to take their business online…….how would you like, no love it, if you knew there was a way to monetize the no’s?

The secret is still follow up, but it is not to beat someone into your team, it means to ask better questions!!

So how do you follow-up?

Traditionally speaking, belly to belly, in their home, coffee shop or any place where you can meet.  My question is just, how much time do you want to waste?

Follow up online can take many forms, and many of them are completely AUTOMATED!

You can follow-up via email.

You can follow-up by providing content on your blog.

Follow-up can mean doing a Facebook Live.

You can also text message or host a webinar.

Embrace technology, you’re not limited to the phone, social media gives you a highly-leveraged and largely automated channel.

But what’s important to remember is that you’re still talking to people. First make a friend, then we do business.

You’re never getting away from talking to people!

Because if you’re not…

Reaching out and talking to your leads,

Connecting with your audience,

Creating value and building trust,

Eventually automating everything possible

…you’re just creating another job…

You know, I was talking with a coaching client the other day.

One of the things this individual said was…

“This is a lot of hard work!” Do I have to do all of it?

Well, I’m going to be very serious with you—it is hard work. Earning a full time income takes time and effort to set up.

Whether you’re doing the traditional method of building your business or you’re building online, it’s still work. You just need to choose the method which resonates with you.

Especially in your first year—you can’t avoid it, you can’t get around it, you can’t wish it away, you can’t hope there’s an easy switch…

Your first year you’re online is the most critical in your business.

This is your year of learning a new skill and building trust.

It tends to take a year of being online, a year of consistently being seen by your audience, a year of providing value, education, and training—for people to grow to know, like and trust you.

So don’t waste time starting over again and again…

Commit to twelve solid months of delivering value to your audience

You’ve got to show up, keep your word, and fulfill expectations.

So commit to the process, because…

You’re becoming the authority they’re seeking

If you show up, you’ll have the success

Show your marketing plan – home/hotel meetings vs online

No matter the social media platform, if someone connects with you, you should reach out and connect.

For instance, on Facebook you should send a personal message to anyone who…

Sends you a friend request

Likes or shares one of your posts

Comments on a post or an ad (more on this in a moment)

Ask them about their business and goals and see if you can determine what they’re struggling with, what you can help them with.

Learn how to build those relationships!

Learn how to offer the presentation!

And learn how to follow-up with people using the tools available today.

Find out what’s going on in your prospects’ world and match your product to their need.

There’s always a problem—become the solution provider!

There’s problems galore out there.

So become the master at solving problems and you’ll always be the go-to person—you’ll always be the person they want to join.

When you master the skill of blending blend online and offline your business will explode!!

Show people your presentation, without having to invite them to a hotel or home meeting.

And you can do it all online (zoom, Skype, Duo to name just a few).

Get more “no’s” faster to get to the right people faster.

You can do so many things that traditionally done offline and blending them with the online world.

Sure, there are some technical skills you need to learn, and you’re going to get frustrated at first—that’s the experience we all have. Hey, I’ve driven my technical coach to virtual drink daily!!haha

But you need to realize that if you’re reading this article today, realize that you are a minority in this industry (use it to your advantage!)

Give yourself twelve months.

Commit to the process and make sure you’re taking action every day.

It’s your opportunity right now to “embrace the blend” and be one of the pioneers in the network marketing space who are successfully building their businesses online and doing what it takes to move forward.

You have the opportunity—right now—to be a part of the transformation of the network marketing industry.

After all, we know that’s where the industry is going.

There’s no way around it.

In ten years, you won’t even recognize the industry.

But one thing will always remain the same: network marketing is one of the most powerful ways a person in a nine-to-five job can step out and start learning what it’s like to build their own business.

So be a pioneer. STOP THE FEAR!!

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