10 Simple Tips to Jump-Start Your Business When You Don’t Have a Lot of Time. – Marinda

10 Simple Tips to Jump-Start Your Business When You Don’t Have a Lot of Time.

Adding a network marketing business on your already full plate juggling between your career, being a parent, spouse, daughter/son and let’s be honest, sanity to survive the rat race is a big ask. 

To add insult to injury, you were not prepared for the emotional roller coaster! 

You might have thought that you were of a sound mind and in control of your emotions…well… It’s a new skill set that must be mastered.  You will have moments of exhilaration and the next minute you’ll want to pull out your hair (or someone else’s 😊

It’s common to have feelings of frustration, anger, when you feel like you could really make your business work and change your life…

If you just had more time!

I’m going to give you 10 tips to maximize your time.

Shall we park the time issue once and for all?  We all have 24 hours, right?

As tempting as it is, stop using time as an excuse. Words have power, use it wisely. People will always try to justify why they didn’t get something done and others in similar sitiuatiins were just “lucky”.  No, the simple truth is with 8 hours of work, 8 hours of sleep, what is happening to the other 8 hours?

The QUALITY of time you spend on your business is far more important than the QUANTITY of time you have available.

The reason I’m convinced of this fact is when I co-owned 7 practices with little to no time available my business grew like crazy.  When I went full time my business grew slower, even went backwards! Ouch! Yes, you can scrape your jaw of the floor, negative growth is very possible, very painful and very real in this industry.

Don’t worry, I won’t leave you hanging with such a negative statement. Let’s get to the bottom of the time issue once and for all.

10 Tips to Build Your Business with Limited Time

You’ll find that all of the tips have two goals in common:

  • check
  • check
    Focused action

The most common mistake is waking up in the morning and wondering what you can/will do today.

The day will run away with you and your time will be eaten up by unimportant actions that doesn’t contribute to your goals and dreams.  With the promise of “tomorrow will be better” the week and yet another month sadly slips away.

The number 1 goal is to have prospects to talk to. You’re in network marketing baby! You need to build a team of people.  When you have loads of prospects to talk to you will never come across as needy or desperate. 

You want to build your business from a point of inspiration, never desperation, with people reaching out to you! Not harassing your friends and family.

Plan your day the night before (just try it!)  Have a clear reason what you’re doing on Facebook otherwise you’ll be sucked into 2 hours of scrolling and watching funny videos.

I eluded to the 3rd 8 hours of our day. Balance is vitally important. Time to eat, exercise, faith, relaxing and socializing is important. 

I’m not only referring to the obvious time wasters like 2 hours of TV (can you watch your favorite show? Yes! Of course, but I don’t think it’s wise to watch TV 2-3 hours every day).  

Even if you can’t book out specific slots of 30-60 min slots to build your business. There are golden minutes or dead time available for every one of us daily!  I’m referring to:

  • check
    15min waiting to pick up kids,
  • check
    waiting at a doctor,
  • check
    lunch breaks
  • check
    tea breaks just to name a few
  • check

What can you do in 15-30 min?

  • check
    Encourage a team member
  • check
    Do a Facebook Live
  • check
    Check in with your coach
  • check
    5 phone calls to prospects
  • check
    Start a blog post
  • check
    Acknowledge new friends on Facebook
  • check
    Read a chapter of a good personal development book
  • check
    Listen to training

4 x15 min =1 hour

5 days x 4 weeks = 20 hours in your business!

The old vs new school issue pops up yet again.

Online offers leverage, when you phone a prospect, you can speak to one at a time.  When you do a post on Facebook, thousands can see it and a select few will react, but please note the difference, they reach out to YOU, they want to hear what you have to say and share with them.

You can send a few emails to your group, but with autoresponders, you don’t have to remember when someone came into your team and what communication they must receive, it’s all automated. ​

You can still show your presentation 1 on 1 or a home meeting or team meeting, but again, people weren’t screened.  Utilizing online strategies you have access to multiple screening stages to ensure you only speak to highly qualified prospects.  

The result of that?  

More people joining your team and it is very duplicatable!

What keeps most of us back is the fear of the unknown.  I want to put your mind at ease, we all have to start somewhere, don’t we?!

Social media has changed the game of prospecting and recruiting forever.  When you’ve built your business for 11 years offline you will understand the frustration of driving from one coffee shop to the next or one home meeting to the next, no shows, the time of preparing and the cost of home parties and understanding the ratios when you work with cold market prospects. 

Have you ever thought you’d like to build internationally only to be gripped with fear because how will you support them?

Imagine this….people reaching out to YOU, day or night in all the possible countries where your company is present. What?! Yes, it is possible and is it done? Yes! The fact that you might not be doing it….yet… doesn’t mean others aren’t doing it.

A mentor of mine, Ferny, offered me this free Attraction Marketing Boot camp and it has changed everything for me 

It will give you the knowledge to start a passive prospecting system to attract good quality leads for your opportunity or products.

Start with one social media platform, master it and then move onto the next one.

Growing your following and list consistently will serve you well.

Do not reinvent the wheel. Don’t waste time on activities that doesn’t produce results or income such as recreating your company or upline’s presentation.

Most people spend their whole life getting ready to start. Start with what you have, evaluate, tweak and run, run hard. You have limited time remember! 😊 Don’t waste any of it.

When you reach $10K, spend time on recreating YOUR wheel, until then, focus on income producing activities.

Put yourself between your prospect and your company tools.

What does this mean?

It can be as simple as creating a short 1-minute video telling your prospect what they can expect. It could be a video before they watch the company presentation, a follow up video after they’ve seen the presentation.

Why is this a good idea?

Have you ever lost a new person to their “research” on Google?  Provide them with the necessary information to validate their great decision of joining your team before friends and the internet provide them with the wrong information/perspective.

Utilizing the tools your company provides will save you a lot of time.

The environment is ALWAYS greater than will.

Why are events critical?  Well, let me give you a picture.  View your company events as a microwave oven.  Your new team members are the popcorn. Stay with me now!

What happens when you put popcorn into the microwave?  There are only 3 possible results:

Nothing happens, what the heck?! Yes, it happens. What can you do? Well, you have to put it in the microwave a second or a third time – people who are not ready yet needs more exposure.

It burns and you have to through it away – people who declines your offer

It pops beautifully white and you enjoy it – aha!  The right people to work with!!

So what should you do? Put them in the microwave!!

It will also instill in you the BELIEF that you can actually do this.

As you talk to others who have achieved results in the company you joined, your belief level will soar.

Hearing about results in a video and seeing those results first-hand are two very different things.

Second, attending events allows you the opportunity to meet new people and share ideas.

One idea or shortcut you hear at an event might save you hours of time in your business.

At events you can and should always try to introduce your prospect to your coach or the speaker and let them know that he/she is part of your business team.

This strategy both eases the prospect in transitioning into the company presentation and puts you in a position of authority.

It’s a hugely powerful “tweak” that too few marketers use.

Lastly, if you don’t attend your company’s events, how can you honestly ask your team members to do so?

You must lead by example, and attending live events is a great way to foster that leadership.

I sometimes get pushback when I share this strategy with my coaching clients.

Most think that their marketing budget is way too small to make paid advertising work for their business.

If you’ve got absolutely NO money available for advertising, then you need to build your business using free marketing strategies.

My experience however is that people spend a lot of money on un-accounted for expenses such as, cable, take away food, smoking, drinking, Starbucks, movies. Where can you save a few $ to put towards your advertising budget?

In fact, you can make paid advertising work for you with as little as $10/day if you know how to do it. That is a Starbucks coffee!

The amazing thing about paid advertising such as Facebook is, you can reach  very specific selected potential prospects by their age, gender, location, language and interests, pretty cool don’t you think?

A mentor of mine who I hugely respect once asked me, what is the core activity of your network marketing business and what kind of business is it? 

Without reading further, do you know the answers? I believe a lot of people struggle in the industry because they can’t answer these fundamental questions.

The core activity of network marketing is we build teams of people and it is a business of duplication.

People do what they see you do, not what you tell them to do. 

So tongue in cheek, is it a cult? 😊 No, because in a cult people listen and do EXACTELY what the leader tells them to do…..when you start building your network marketing business you will discover within the 1st month that in network marketing, NO ONE listens to the leader! Haha

So, on a serious note, teach deliberately what you do instinctively.  Always have duplication in the back of your mind. If you’re tempted to take a short cut, how will that serve you long time when your whole team does it?

When you get duplication happening in your business, it will explode and you will build a true asset giving you residual income long term.

I have build my business with and without coaching and the result was vastly different.

Working with a coach gives you clarity.  Unless you have clarity, it will feel like you’re running in peanut butter!

With clarity comes urgency.

Don’t take advise from too many people, it will only confuse and overwhelm you. Find someone you trust, like and relate with and stick to your game plan.

A word of caution: Different strategies require different coaching.  I have different coaches for my offline and online game plans.  Don’t get your lines blurred, seek expert advice, it will save you a lot of time!

Click here to work with me

Some of your leaders might not want to build online, heck, your upline might not want to build online!!!

Does it mean you can’t?

Implement both strategies and meet people where they’re at.  Those that want to build offline, no problem, connect them with leaders in your team who builds offline.

If you meet someone who wants to build online, hallelujah! Let’s go do it!

The key to growing a thriving business with limited time is all about STRATEGY,

Having a clear plan of action, identifying those activities that are crucial to your success, and leveraging technology and social media is far more important than the amount of time available for your business.

Embrace both strategies, get a coach, a game plan, roll up your sleeves and let’s make it happen!

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If you found this content helpful, I would love to read your comments below.


Marinda Bandat


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